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About Us

Bringing diverse cross-culture exclusive content to you!

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Diverse Cinema aims at bringing diverse, underrepresented stories to a worldwide audience. With a stellar team of Hollywood Filmmakers and Silicon Valley technology veterans, Diverse Cinema brings to your screens feature films, series, shorts, animated shows, documentaries, music, educative, kids content, and top film festival winners.

There is a storyteller in each one of us; stories don’t see races, genders, religions, or geographical locations. Imagine a small-town girl in India whose tiny little town wasn’t even reflected on the maps for a long time. She dreamt of becoming a filmmaker, which was still taboo in the 90s. From the small towns in India to Hollywood, our Founder’s story is a story many can resonate with and want to follow that path. But how many stories make it to the Hollywood audience or the Global platforms? Diverse Cinema brings ethnically diverse, women-oriented, LGBTQ, cross-culture stories and animated shows created by a diverse set of content creators. Let’s celebrate diversity & inclusion by promoting independent films and meaningful Cinema.

Founder & CEO - Sweta Rai

Born and raised in a middle-class family in a small town in India, Sweta was always fascinated by the world of art. With the struggles and adversities of life, she had to choose early on to pursue her software engineering career or the world of art. She became a TV newscaster in her teenage years and then worked with Discovery Channel in Singapore, where she was also designated as their 'Global Diversity Ambassador.' While making a film in Singapore with a Chinese cast, she knew her heart lies in diverse films. She moved to the United States to pursue MFA in Film Producing from the American Film Institute (AFI), which is run by trustees like Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Sweta's original work always aimed at promoting Diversity; she went on to produce over 25 
Hollywood Movies, including the ones with a legendary cast like James Caan (Godfather), Jon Voight (Anaconda), and several other top talents from the industry. She founded and co-founded four companies, including a production house called Indo Holly Films, which produced content that has been OSCAR race contenders. Her work has bagged her several national & international awards, including the "Most Innovative Film Production CEO (Los Angeles)" award from Acquisition International magazine. The Diverse Cinema team comprises Stanford/Harvard alums, serial Entrepreneurs, and top-tier Silicon Valley investors. 

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